Strength & Conditioning for Physiotherapists

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  • Dagsetning:
    25. nóvember 2022 - 27. nóvember 2022
  • Staðsetning:
  • Tími:
    09:00 - 17:00
  • Bókunartímabil:
    28. júlí 2022 - 16. október 2022
  • Almennt verð:
    90.000 kr.
  • Fagdeild verð:
    83.000 kr.

S&C for Physiotherapists_Iceland November 2022

This 3-day course teaches fundamental skills in prescribing gym-based strength exercise programmes. A mixture of practical and theory sessions combine to give physiotherapists the confidence and competence to deliver effective rehabilitation, injury prevention and general strength programmes. Based on the most up to date research and practice, participants will learn how to effectively prescribe key lower limb strength exercises to their patients, how to match the intensity of the exercise to the capacity of the individual and how to create structured and progressive programmes. The key take home messages can be readily applied to clinical practice in a variety of settings.

Participants will learn to:

– Coach a broad repertoire of lower limb exercises and modifications to build strength

– Construct short and long-term strength programmes

– Develop power in as part of your rehabilitation programmes

– Manipulate intensity, volume, rest and frequency to optimise your rehab outcomes

– Understand contemporary guidelines for resistance training for people over 50 yeas of age and how to apply them

– Consider facts and myths of injury prevention 

– Restore straight line running conditioning

– Target off-line strength

– Restore off-line running capacity

– Put all these ingredients together as part of effective long-term exercise rehabilitation


Lokað fyrir skráningu