Icelandic: Félag sjúkraþjálfara (FS)

English: The Icelandic Physiotherapy Association (IPA)

Establisched in 1940, has changed names two times,  the last time in the year 2013.

Member of WCPT since 1963.

President of IPA: Gunnlaugur Már Briem, gunnlaugur@bhm.is



Vicepresident of IPA: Friða Brá Pálsdóttir, frida.palsdottir@yahoo.com 

Head of office: Fjóla Jónsdóttir, sigl@bhm.is

Office: Borgartún 6, 105 Reykjavík, tel. 354-595-5186.


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Working or studying in Iceland

About working in Iceland as a Physical Therapist:

Those who can get a licence to practice as PTs in Iceland: Applicant who has completed a degree in physical therapy in an EEA state or Switzerland. The Regulation on the recognition of professional qualifications of health workers from other Member States, no. 461/2011 or the Nordic Countries no. 36/1993 on the common Nordic labor market for certain health professionals and veterinarians. Applicants who have completed an equivalent degree from a recognized educational institution in a country outside the EEA or Switzerland, which is recognized as such by the health care in this country and the health of the state where the program was pursued on the recommendation curriculum in physical therapy from the Medical Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Iceland.

All applications must go to the Directorate of Health, www.landlaeknir.is .

Further information: The Directorate of Health, www.landlaeknir.is .

Please note that minimal knowledge in Icelandic is a mandatory.


Students positions - exchange programs for students:

Please contact the Faculty of Physical Therapy at the University of Iceland, as they oversee all students positions in the country, physiotherapy@hi.is

There are no positions of unpaid internships for graduated PTs in Iceland.